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University of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, Europe
Founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona has a rich history. It has 90,000 students and is a popular destination for international students. Classes are taught in Spanish or Catalan.



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University of Barcelona

Considered to be among the best universities in Spain, the University of Barcelona has over 70 undergraduate programs, over 350 graduate programs, and over 90 doctorate programs. With its four campuses situated in different parts of this destination city, the University of Barcelona hosts 63,700 students, more than 7,000 of which are international, to which the University offers a language resources program.

Social life, culture, and diversion are, by far, some of the most prominent reasons international students choose the University of Barcelona. With an extensive bus and metro system, the Mediterranean city features—throughout its winding streets filled with markets, food vendors, and street performers—a seemingly endless number of clubs, restaurants, pubs, and etc. Also home to a predominant art and film scene, there are plenty of local cliques with which to network, infiltrate, and climb through.

That said, if you are not proficient in the local languages – Catalan and Spanish – you may find living and studying in Barcelona a bit difficult. The official language is Catalan, and while the University tries to “make up” for this with its free Catalan courses, most locals address foreigners in Spanish. Moreover, knowledge of English isn’t particularly widespread around  Spain, and this does include its youth. Many international students complain of the city’s too-expensive accommodation, and the University’s lack of any kind of assistance in finding it, which can be pretty daunting.

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  • Maria Ly is quite literally a Rock Star. You’ll often find her hanging off a 5.13a grade rock climbing route, she is the rock star co-founder of Skimble (which is incubated by Rock Health), and you can find her rock formation photography featured in Outside Magazine.

  • March 13, 1988 was the day we moved to America. Although it wasn't my first time in the country, that date was the beginning of my journey through the American school system. Those eleven years filled me with a lifetime of great memories.

  • Mayank is an inventor and zebra-enthusiast. He developed Stripespotter, a biological barcode scanner for zebras, and is a part of the team behind Facebook insights. By way of India to Oman to the US, Mayank can be found behind the wheel of a red Porsche dreaming up his next big idea.


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